Chimney Repair

Your chimney provides an important function in your home, and a damaged chimney will be inefficient and may cause more problems than you might expect.

Chimney Repair Dallas-Fort Worth

A chimney with internal damage will not extract smoke or other fumes efficiently which can lead to the fumes circulating within your home. This poses a risk to your health and can even have the potential to cause unwanted fires.

But it isn’t just fire that you need to worry about – chimneys can let in water, too. If your chimney has cracked mortar, chipped or missing bricks, or the chimney flashing is damaged, water will find a route inside.

Once water permeates the outer shell of a building it can cause surface damage, discoloring walls, making a mess of your décor. More seriously, water can get inside the internal structure of the building, eventually weakening it, and making it unsafe to be inside.

Making repairs to your chimney as soon as possible prevent water ingress and minimize the chances of any serious damage occurring. If you’ve noticed a problem with your chimney and have been putting off getting it fixed, contact us today to have the problem resolved.

Bad Weather? You Might Need Chimney Repair

Keeping your chimney in good working order seems simple enough, and you might believe that all will be well unless the chimney is damaged by impact. However, the most common way that a chimney is damaged is by being outside in all kinds of weather.

A chimney will deteriorate over time due to constant exposure to the elements. The more intense the weather is, the worse it can be for the chimney. It isn’t just rain and hail that can cause a problem, as strong sunlight can also cause damage to your chimney.

Our professional chimney repair team are well trained and qualified to work on your chimney in complete safety. If there’s a problem that needs solving, our experience will make sure that the work is completed on time and on budget.

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